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Finding a discerning buyer for a one-of-a-kind property takes ingenuity, and an expert command of todays online arena. At Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., we have mastered the art of digital marketing. Our 360 degree marketing plan is designed for your property to be seen and to connect with the widest possible audience of qualified buyers. Once we have performed a CMA for your home and put it in showroom condition, there's one more critical piece of the puzzle 'Public Attention, With a understanding of where buyers are searching, we focus our marketing efforts accordingly.
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Your property listing will be advertised to potential buyers and Realtors locally, nationally and globally on the following portals for maximum exposure:
  • (MLS}, Over 50 million visitors alone in 2019
  • Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, 56,000+ Realtors
  • Local Market Real Estate Board
  • *Minimum listing price apply
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Once your property launches on the Multiple Listing Service MLS your listing will have immediate syndication to websites with a MLS IDX through an unmatched network of prominent real estate websites providing extraordinary visibility promoting your listing to reach thousands of affluent buyers around the globe.
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Once all paperwork is completed on your listing, we will setup our on brand 'For Sale sign with 'coming soon to the MLS message will be placed outside the home in a permitted area to help navigate all showing appointments and the general public to your listing. Once your property is listed as per our scheduled date, we will remove the coming soon sign message.
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The importance of having a pre-home inspection is so that buyers who are viewing your property will view it with eyes wide open. Negotiations will not hinge on the results of a home inspection. This can result in a higher selling price.
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Our followers LOVE to view our new listings online. Connecting with potential buyers online is one of the most effective ways of getting people out from behind the computer and into your home. A strong online presence is an important tool in many aspects of real estate. Your property will be featured on Facebook , Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Google platforms.
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We commission professional photographers to capture your homes most beautiful features through interior and exterior photos and video. First Impression is key when selling especially in a competitive market.
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We commission 3D virtual tour MATTERPORT professionals to create a three-dimensional interactive virtual tour of inside your property displayed on a custom professionally designed full color 'property website features quick tabs for easy navigation. Providing an engaging online experience, agents and prospective buyers will have the ability to virtually walk through your home as if they were there in person.
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Captivating description highlighting the homes features emphasizing on value combined with all the covenant amenities the neighbourhood has to offer will help to intrigue buyers, visualizing what it would be like being part of the community and calling your listing home.
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We recognized that marketing a property involves networking and maximum exposure to the real estate community. Your listing will be presented to the Forest Hill signature data base Introducing your property to our subscribers and fellow forest hill signature realtors.
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It takes strong marketing tools such as our custom professionally designed full color take-away brochures for visiting buyers and their agents to help make a lasting impression, Presenting your home in the best possible manner emphasizing on adding “ value”.
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Custom professionally designed full color ’ Just Listed / Open House feature sheet, delivered directly to selected homes within the community for maximum exposure. To help entice buyers to make that important first phone call.
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With the owner’s permission, the choice is yours. To jump start our marketing efforts, we can host a Broker Open for fellow agents working with qualified buyers prior to the listing commences. We can also host a public open for the general public to view your home including all your noisy neighbours.. -*Dates will be advertised on the MLS.
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We respect your privacy and do not share contact info with any third parties.

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