Elizabeth Hobson is your local Toronto Real Estate Sales Representative taking a modern approach. Coming from a Marketing background, Elizabeth specializes in advanced marketing strategies, creative advertising and is social media-savvy. Combined with her trained eye for appealing home staging, she helps to capture the homes beauty inside, outside and online. Putting the odds in her home sellers favour! Devoted to utilizing her expertise that strives for a successful real estate transaction by experience, knowledge & innovation. Combined with her analytical way of thinking & strong negotiating skills, Elizabeth’s clients can expect to receive the Pink Diamond Service, helping position her clients to achieve Maximum Results! Going above and beyond for her clients is just the beginning!
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Market Knowledge
My contacts and lifelong area residency leverage my knowledge of the market trends today. Staying on top of current real estate market trends and educating myself on a daily basis keeps my clients informed and confident that they are receiving the most up to date statistics.
With my marketing background of 10+ years planning project/campaign strategies for commercial new construction; 98 stores across Ontario  paired with my unrelenting work ethic and a keen insight for market trends, I ingeniously tailor marketing strategies for each individual client to ensure a successful real estate transaction.
Buying or selling property in Toronto is not for the faint of heart. I have represented numerous clients in this dynamic, competitive market. With my corporate background of 10+ years, of negotiating multi million dollar contracts, combined with my positive attitude and savvy, strategic approach are the key ingredients in negotiating a successful real estate transaction today.
Visual Display
With my 15+ years planning and execution of large-scale events; corporate/new construction, I have honed the skills and knowledge on how to catch the eye of the consumer. Capturing the consumers emotions at first glance knowing you have only 10 seconds to make a lasting first impression.


When trust is established, the experience suddenly transitions from stressful to enjoyable, having the trust from our clients in our ability to achieve the best results possible is very important. We establish trust by demonstrating trustworthiness by being reliable, showing kindness, respect and acceptance.


Being loyal to our clients is part of our code of ethics. I am committed to providing my clients with a positive experience that translates to fulfillment and satisfaction throughout the process. Loyalty is established right when our clients hire us to represent their interests. We will provide excellent service throughout, both indirect and direct communications throughout the process.


Going above and beyond for my clients has been my modo from the very start, why because of my passion for helping people achieve maximum results, establishing everlasting relationships, and creating unforgettable experiences is the fuel to my fire. The fire within me to set the industry standard to new heights which has led me to offer my clients the Pink Diamond Experience.


Authenticity is imperative to my business, has been my key ingredient to attracting clients. Creating a personal brand that empathizes our services like no other the Pink Diamond Experience, sets us apart by offering out client's modern technology and tactics to achieve maximum results.





Founded in 1985. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. has represented considerable authority in the offer of renowned homes. Luxury condominiums, country properties, estates, building lots, commercial and industrial properties for over 30 years. In the past decade, our company has taken part in near fifteen billion dollars in real estate sales volume, and continues to sell at an exponential rate. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. is a leader in the Toronto real estate market,with 40 growing offices conveniently located throughout Toronto, York Region, Oakville, Muskoka and the Kawarthas. With an exceptional and dependable ground group. On being the bleeding edge of innovation and social media as an approach to purchase and offer homes. With our innovative and experience we truly excel in the area of customer service and extraordinary expertise.​ Our in depth understanding of the changing marketplace and the subtle nuances of completing a real estate transaction are the fundamental principles behind Forest Hills success. We know the neighbourhoods, the marketplace and the art of negotiation and make it our business to satisfy buyers and seller alike.
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Internal Communication For Our Growing Brokerage
With 40 offices and over 1000 representatives, Forest Hill REALTORS® are in constant communication between branches and colleagues, receiving frequent updates through our internal communications systems. We are committed to nurturing our incredible infrastructure to create a truly fantastic corporate culture.
Weekly Office Interface
Collective engagement from our entire team is key to the success of our real estate professionals. Throughout the company , REALTORS® convene to meet leaders in associated industries, learn about the newest innovations and hone their skills.
Market Update
All REALTORS® benefit from a monthly newsletter published by our professional association, Toronto Real Estate Board TREB with helpful insights into Toronto's unique market. Together with our roster of REALTORS®, Forest Hill has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of economic conditions that effect the real estate world, broken down by neighboughood/community allows us to see and explain to our clients the market we are currently in and will help us to make decisions to help position our clients listing to be most desirable, leading us on the road to sold.
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Elizabeth Hobson Toronto Real Estate Agent
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Broker Bay
Broker Bay is an important component of our robust and engaging presence. This unique app interface allows over 39,000 Toronto registered licensed realtors to access the system to book in real time showing appointments leave comments and questions, excellent tool for keeping track of all appointments past and present. Once an offer is received all realtors who booked a showing will get notified in real time giving their clients a chance to make an offer as well, this tool prevents miss opportunities for both parties.
Truly A Full-Service Brokerage
With our proven Pink Diamond Service Meeting your objectives of getting you sold, with no hassle. Elizabeth will ensure every detail of your sale is taken care of with an expert's touch. With access to a long list of trusted connections that are on-par with her renowned quality of service weather you require a mortgage lawyer or a home contractor we have you covered.
The Signature Branch was founded on the following principles, establishing relationships with our clients results in great success based on the following principles which have become my core values that I carry out each day.
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