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Advocate For You
During the entire home selling process, you can rely on our expertise every step of the way looking out for your best interests.
Selling Consultation
Our selling consultation will help determine the best course of action as we go through the process of selling your home. Determine your goals, needs, wants and price + issues to be disclosed + homes marketability.
Comparative Market Analysis
Once your home inspection is complete and considerable factors have been taking care of the next step would be to put a price value to your home. To help list your property for sale we need to formulate your price value of your home, a CMA Report will be performed. This report compares your subject property with other properties that are currently listed and recently sold. Giving us the confidence to help make a good standout price. The biggest factor in determining how quickly your home sells is the price, and deciding that price is trickier than it seems. It takes experience and even 1% more for your home can mean thousands to your bottom line.
Pricing Strategies That Work
Estimating your property value for transaction can be critical if not priced right. If the property is overpriced above fair market value, the number of potential buyers can be radically diminished. The best approach to attract serious potential buyers without sacrificing exposure is to price the property within the fair market value range. In Turn opening the flood gates for multiple offers leading towards negotiations.
Personal Room-By-Room Walkthroughs
Numerous factors are to be considered when selling your home. Home decluttering & Home Staging assistance is consulted giving our clients tailored advice to your home so every room shows at its full potential.
Complimentary Home Staging Consultation
You have only one chance to make a good first impression, and in real estate it is imperative that it is a lasting one. It's our goal to showcase your home in the best light possible by arrangements and polishing your home set by Feng Shui Standards to grab potential buyers attention landing you multiple offers. Through our home staging service, we'll showcase the beauty though photography that will be used across multiple networking systems as well has print adds for open houses. According to the National Association of REALTORS, staged homes sell 49% faster, and for 7-11% more money. Studies suggest staged homes sell faster and attract more money, in a changing marketplace, a staged home can make the difference between selling your home or not. Staging can be as simple as removing some clutter or as detailed as redesigning or refurnishing rooms. The choice is yours.
Professional Photographer/Videography
We commission the city’s best professionals to capture your homes most beautiful features. 
Professional Aerial Drone Photography
We commission professional drone photographers to photograph a birds-eye-view of your property and the surrounding area, showcasing its location, views, and exterior attributes.
3D Virtual Tour
We commission the best 3D virtual tour MATTERPORT professionals in the business to create a three-dimensional virtual tour of your property, allowing agents and prospective buyers from around the world to virtually walk through your home. This feature brings in more potential buyers given the ability to view your home as if they were there in person.
Captivating Text
Thoughtfully crafted compelling property description that pulls in buyers. 
Multiple Listing Service
Your property listing will be featured to the MLS systems database that facilitate successful transactions each day. MLS database, with 50 million visitors in 2019, helps listing brokers find cooperative representatives working with buyers to help sell their clients homes. To get the most for your home, ou need as many buyers interested as possible. According to, 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts.
Social Networking
Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Signature, has a comprehensive understanding of online marketing and social media. A strong online presence is an important tool in many aspects of real estate. We ensure that our online marketing is fresh and strategic, guaranteeing both local and international brand awareness. Your property will be featured on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin and Google platforms.
Electronic Marketing / Outreach
Your property listing will be featured to not only the Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Signature website which acts as the main hub for its 40 ever growing branches. It provides a quick and accessible platform for launching new listing announcements, e-flyers and produces local market updates. We also send out notifications about upcoming open houses and special events.
Syndicated To Global Partner Websites
Finding a discerning buyer for a one-of-a-kind property takes ingenuity, and an expert command of today's online arena. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Global Luxury program has mastered the art of digital marketing, ensuring your property is seen by the widest possible audience of qualified buyers.
Print Advertising
Clients will receive professional print advertising to help promote the sale of their home. Just listed mailers will be delivered to the neighborhood to correspond with dates along with open house mailers and open house broaches. With your neighborhood well informed; word of mouth travels fast.
Open Houses / Virtual Tour
Getting the word out and creating the buzz within the real estate field to fellow sales representatives is a good marketing tool that could help jump start the process by bringing potential buyers to the forefront before your listing has even hit the market. Being excited about your property in my listing presentation will in turn get other sales representatives also excited about sharing your amazing property with there client databases is the goal.
Keeping Clients Informed
The minute your property has been listed, new market information is continually collected and reviewed in order to monitor the list price. Manage and coordinate all showings requests with your schedule. Available 24/7 to our clients.
Qualify Potential Buyers
To strengthen the offer requests, we request that each offer presented be accompanied by a letter indicating a pre-approval from the mortgage lenders plus a 5% deposit.
Offer And Negotiations
Once offers start to roll in, each offer will be presented to you and the decision will be in your hands on who has the best offer and terms. Terms will be looked at very closely ensuring proper clauses are inserted to ensure the sellers protection. Once price and terms are reviewed and finalized, signature is then required binding you to a legal contract. This step in the process is not just hard to do, but it can feel uncomfortable. If you want someone to negotiate fearlessly on your behalf, you need an agent.
Assist With Financial Aspects
For most selling your home is a process that is frighting and unfamiliar especially if you lived in your home for over a decade and forget the process. We go above and beyond for our clients, we are always steps ahead and will never leave up blind in the selling process. We will advise every step well in advance keeping you on track.
Provide Oversight And Follow Up
We will always provide oversight and follow up related to property inspections and repairs. Always staying ahead to protect the sale for a smooth transaction.
Assist With Gathering Essential Property Documents
Our Clients are in good hands, with hundreds of transactions performed daily our brokerage are masters of catching info required for a smooth transaction.
Managing All Dates And Deadlines
A Real Estate Contact is binding and its our role to ensure we are on schedule every step. Our clients don't need to worry we got it covered.
Monitor Buyer Loan Status
Leading up to closing we will watch closely the buyers loan status to ensure nothing has changed and the deal is heading for closing, if the buyer lost his/her job that would be a major set back and we want to be on top of the worse case scenarios to have your listing back on the market asap.
Work Directly With Title Company
To ensure the accuracy of all closing procedures we want to ensure everything on our clients end is completed, having free and clear title is our number one.
Present at closing to ensure all your interest are protected.
Trusted Professionals
From start to finish our clients will have access to trusted professionals that we will gladly recommend.Working on the behalf of our clients we will make the calls, set the appointments, follow up throughout the entire process to ensure our clients needs and exceptions are met, meeting your objectives, from mortgage lenders, to home inspectors to lawyers and everything in-between that might require additional assistance.
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Elizabeth Hobson Toronto Real Estate Agent
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Pink Diamond Service
Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Signature is truly a full-service brokerage, with a proven marketing plan that achieves maximum results. Meeting your objectives of getting you the best possible price in the shortest period of time with the best terms, with no hassle. In addition an extensive list of area of the home selling process that all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale. Elizabeth will ensure every detail of your sale is taken care of with an expert's touch. Elizabeth has access to a long list of trusted connections that are on-par with her renowned quality of service weather you require a mortgage lawyer or a home contractor we have you covered.
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