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Pre-Listing Home Inspection
Traditionally, the buyer arranges the home inspection as indicated in there offer contingency. However, some sellers, usually on older homes will have a pre-listing home inspection which will allow the seller to address any issues to be rectified before listing. Depending on the market, if your striving for multiple offers having a complete home inspection report available for viewing will help answers any questions to your home a potential buyer might have; strengthen your listing price. Having a home inspection report available upon request for potential buyers to view can result in receiving a firm offer or at least no home inspection clause and it could save time and not hold the sale up..
  • Fix It First Buyers will overlook the potential your home has to offer them and instead be stuck on what efforts are required; time & money.
  • Roof And Chimney Inspection First questions buyers will ask, ‘when was the roof replaced and when was the chimney last inspected.
  • Esedroff Make sure your eavestroughs run off is up to code to prevent water damage to your house structure. Free and clear of all leaves and debris.
  • Basement Foundation Condition of the foundation and main structural elements in the basement are critical to your home.
Complimentary Home Staging Consultation
You have only one chance to make a good first impression, and in real estate it is imperative that it is a lasting one. It's our goal to showcase your home in the best light possible by arrangements and polishing your home set by Feng Shui Standards to grab potential buyers attention landing you multiple offers. Through our home staging service, we'll showcase the beauty though photography that will be used across multiple networking systems as well has print adds for open houses. According to the National Association of REALTORS, staged homes sell 49% faster, and for 7-11% more money. Studies suggest staged homes sell faster and attract more money, in a changing marketplace, a staged home can make the difference between selling your home or not. Staging can be as simple as removing some clutter or as detailed as redesigning or refurnishing rooms. The choice is yours.
Your Homes Curb Appeal
The moment a potential buyer pulls up to your home a feeling will instantly come over them whether or not they are excited about viewing your home. Don’t lose them before they walk into your home. Your curb appeal should be well manicured and welcoming.
Consider if you haven't used it in over a year you probably don't need it. Give it away, throw it away or store it away, but get it out of your house.
Rooms Should Feel Spacious
Buyers want to feel your home is spacious. Less is more when it comes to staging furniture. staple pieces of furniture are a must so buyers can relate and with a few added statement pieces will help buyers visualize the extra value and potential your home offers.
Clean | Professional Cleaners
Most homes just need a little elbow geese to get a home to sparkle like new. but we do have clients, simply put are unable to do so and for those we recommend outside cleaning service to do the work for you.
Kitchen & Bathroom
When investing in your investment, The Kitchens and Bathrooms are huge deciding factor for potential buyers who are looking for a move in ready home. Updating / up keeping these rooms will make buyers excited upon viewing.
Lighting can have a drastic impact on the look and feel of a home. Few buyers seek out a dark house; most prefer one that’s light and bright.

Best viewed de-cluttered  and oil stain free. Even through your garage has become a huge storage room, potential buyers might actual want a garage to house their cars. Ensure to have this luxury space free and open to show that a car can actual fit.

While your homes interior often takes centre stage, don’t forget about staging your homes outdoor areas to help buyers imagine how they could utilize the space. Make sure to power wash down patio furniture, deck and all outdoor tiles for a clean and flawless feel.
Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers can't see past personal artifacts and you don't want them to be distracted. you want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls, and they can't do that if yours are there! You don' t want to make any buyer ask, 'I wonder what kind of people live in this home?' You want buyers to say, 'I can see myself living here".
First Impression is key when selling especially in a competitive market. Our staging plan is based on extensive analyzing of recent sales that are comparable to your property. Providing great insight of reasonable certainty into our target buyer. Putting the odds in your favor, inside, outside & online. Statistics show that home staging not only could increases a home's value, but also could help it to sell faster! Buyers spend an average of 6 minutes at a home, but will form an opinion in the first 10 seconds. Having a checklist not only will ultimately ease any selling-related stressors later on but will help keep you organized and on track in providing the best first impression you can give to potential buyers to help land you the offers that your home deserves. I have found that people cannot visualize the potential of a home. They have to see it. That means that how your home shows now is how people see themselves in it.


Disassociate Yourself With Your Home
Say to yourself, 'This is not my home; it is a house - a product to be sold. Make the mental decision to 'let go' of your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours. Picture yourself handing over the keys. Say goodbye to every room. Don't look backwards - look towards the future.
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