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Make A Good First Impression
The first thing a buyer will see when they walk up to your house is the front entrance, so you want it to make a strong positive impression. Consider power washing your siding, windows, and any glass doors to get rid of any dirt. Furthermore, spruce up your curb appeal by planting fresh flowers, removing weeds and dead plants, adding new mulch, and trimming any trees and bushes. As a finishing touch, add a clean doormat and wreath in front of your door to incorporate a sense of hominess and perhaps an extra potted plant or two.
De-personalize The Space
One of the main purposes of home staging is to help buyers visualize the space as their own. Although you want to make sure your home has style and charm, you should also aim to remove any excessive personal touches (e.g., personal photos, overtly religious items, keep clothes stored away, clear bathroom countertops of personal hygiene products, etc.) during the home showing period.
Get Rid Of Clutter
Making your home look bigger and more spacious can certainly add value to your home and make your home more appealing to buyers. Since clutter takes up space, we always recommend that our sellers remove excessive items they are not using (whether by getting rid of them permanently or finding temporary storage space outside your home). Please keep in mind that buyers will be opening your closets and storage rooms to look at their storage potential, so make sure you declutter and remove non-essential items in these spaces as well.
Do A Deep Cleaning
When preparing to list your home, it's crucial that your house looks pristine from a cleanliness standpoint. You want to make sure that every inch and corner of your home shines and is free from any dirt, dust, cobwebs, etc. A clean home insinuates to buyers that a property has been well-maintained and that the property may have fewer issues or even be issue-free as a result. If you're not up to tackling this task on your own or at all, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of this staging step for you.
Go Natural
When staging your home to sell, a tip that can make a major difference when it comes to your sale price and time on the market is to paint over any garish colors with neutral palettes, such as white, gray, and taupe. While the buyers may want bright colors in their home, a neutral base can make your home features stand out and give buyers the option to change the home colors to their taste once they move in.
Stage Where It Counts | Define The Space
A verity of options are available and will be discussed with you our recommendations on how to showcase your home to its fullest potential. 
With over 20 years experience in the visual field my clients will be offered 'light staging service complimentary.
  • Setting The Stage We want to help buyers imagine how they could utilize the space and visualize themselves living in your home. Organizing your furniture in a way to help showcase your space to the fullest potential. Buyers want to feel your home is spacious, less is more.
  • Final Touches Enhancing the space that appeals to a wide range of potentials buyers by adding home decor accessories throughout your home for a cohesive neutral look.
Patch And Repair
While in your home, furniture, appliances, or children may have left marks, scratches, holes, or nicks on the walls and/or flooring. These impurities signal neglect to buyers, which is why we encourage you to tackle these areas and repair or touch up with paint as needed. As with deep cleaning, this shows potential buyers that you've put effort into maintaining your property over the course of your ownership.
Consider A Pre-Listing Home Inspection
Traditionally, the buyer arranges the home inspection as indicated in there offer contingency. However, some sellers, usually on older homes will have a pre-listing home inspection which will allow the seller to address any issues to be rectified before listing.
Benefits of obtaining a pre-listing Home Inspection:
First Impression is key when selling especially in a competitive market. Our staging plan is based on extensive analyzing of recent sales that are comparable to your property. Providing great insight of reasonable certainty into our target buyer. Putting the odds in your favor, inside, outside & online. Every home is unique and based on the current market, we will provide a custom approach for opportunities to add value to your home to appeal to buyers once a formal walk through is complete. To set the stage we need to minimize flaws and put your home in show-room condition.


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Rearrange your Furniture
Open spaces appeal to buyers as it helps them navigate the space and better visualize their own furniture in each room. Therefore, put any extra furniture out of the way and get rid of any unnecessary, oversized, unmatching, or damaged pieces. With whatever furniture you have left, move them around and arrange them in a way to make each room look and feel as spacious as possible.
Freshen And Lighten Up Your Home
To add freshness to your home, consider adding a few healthy plants around your home. Furthermore, make sure that your home is free of lingering smells (which your deep cleaning should take care of), but also make sure to take out the trash before any showings. Moreover, brighten up your home by letting as much natural light shine inside (which you can do by opening up all curtains). Finally, turn on all the lights before showings and add artificial lighting to darker corners of your home.
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